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It will be my honor & privilege to photograph you

We strive hard to create the best artistic quality photography.  In an effort to focus on producing that outstanding photography for you, I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions from past clients.  If your question is not answered here then please feel free to email me at my personal address.   Your question will be answered by me personally:

I look forward to our meeting in person – Sean

Do I have to be a Model?

No, most of the ladies I photograph are NOT professional models.

Every woman, no matter what her figure, can be photographed in such a way as to show off her natural beauty, and flatter HER figure. Things like bumps, rolls, stretch marks, etc will all be smoothed and refined during post processing.

This is included with your shoot – so don’t worry about any imperfections you would normally feel self-conscious about – because they will not appear in the final image.

I don’t know how to pose…will that matter?

Although posing is an integral part of producing outstanding results, it’s not hard to nail some standard poses if you know a few insider secrets.

  • It’s not a mystery: It’s C-S-I
  • Looks through some fashion magazines. Notice that many of the best poses are when the models bodies form the shape of a C, and S, or an I
    Hands! Hands! Hands!
  • Relax your hands! Don’t put too much pressure by gripping too tightly. Just remember to have a gentle touch throughout the shoot.
  • Try to keep your fingers together, and not too curled up. This will give a pleasant flowing look. Spread fingers distract your eyes to them in a photo.
  • Relax!

Have a good time. My photoshoots are fun! If they weren’t I wouldn’t be doing photography.   We’ll put you at ease and it will show in your photos

What should I wear?

First, we have plenty of sexy outfits in various sizes.
But feel free to bring your own outfits and accessories, including earrings, necklaces, chokers, anklets, etc. I suggest looking at Victoria’s Secret for inspiration.

For a sexier/racier look, at good prices and fast shipping, I recommend  I get many of my outfits from there.

Do I have to bare a lot of skin?
Of course not.

We tailor our sessions and wardrobe for each individual. We can suggest our ideas based on creative experience, but ultimately the decision is yours to bare as much or as little as YOU wish. Be assured, you will NEVER be asked to pose nude. All sessions are shot clothed. Some photographs may not appear that way, but rest assured the clients are wearing some form of clothing. We’d like you to be comfortable, because the more at ease you are, the more it will come across in the final photographs.

What happens during a shoot?

I specialize and work with many who are doing this for the first time.  Because of my experience I can focus on my subject, and worry less about camera & lighting setting.  Although lighting may need to be adjusted I keep an open rapport going with my client and try to explain what I’m doing.   I give lots of direction and positive, confidence building direction.

The first thing that happens once you enter the studio is that we sit you down with our Makeup Artist.   During this time we may discuss any last minute details about things like wardrobe, poses, etc that you may want to include.

Then, onto choosing the first outfit.  Nothing too racy, something YOU are comfortable wearing.  Because comfort is key!  I usually start the session shooting on a white background that is very forgiving to any model.  A few adjustments to the settings, and we’ll get you warmed up and relaxed.

A few outfit changes, some background and lighting changes, and you’ll be feeling like a pro!

We may make a few adjustments to wardrobe, but at no time do I touch a model, without their express consent: usually just to fix a twisted strap, etc.  Attention to details is important: things not noticed in real life get frozen in time here.

We may take a break and review some of the images on the computer screen where I can offer suggestions for posing and facial expressions, and you can see the amazing results you are creating!

We shoot between 500-1000 frames depending on length of shoot and how many outfit/background changes we do.   Of those, I usually narrow the choices down to 100-200, removing the shots with eye closures, etc.   Those 100-200 I’ll load to a private gallery where you can pick out your favorites….I’ll also upload 1 or 2 digitally processed so you can see the difference.

How long have you been a Photographer?

Not only am I a Photographer, but I am a Photography Instructor: other photographers come to my workshops to learn my style and techniques.   And, I’ve been doing it for over 20 years.   In fact, my interest in photography began as early as age 10.

Ok, I’m Ready!  How much is this going to cost?

Whoa! Whoa!  I know you’re anxious, but experience tells me that my clients don’t come to me based on price.  My clients come to me because they realize that photography is a creative process; with lots of pre and post photoshoot time and effort involved.  They want to assured that I’m not just another ‘guy with a camera’ trying to make a buck.

Having said that, most people in your situation can plan on investing between $300 and $600, depending on if you plan to purchase any extras above what is included in the package.   To maintain quality, I limit the amount of days I’m available for photoshoots to about one weekend a month.  Therefore most clients book at LEAST a month in advance.  Not only does this motivate them to ‘tone up’, but it let’s them pay on an installment plan and book their session for as little a $100  deposit.

Now you’re ready!
Let’s go ahead and schedule your session:

You can book it online at:

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Give me a call and I’ll be happy to pencil you in!

Sean’s private number in San Antonio:  210-692-4074

Client  Testimonials!

Crystal and Roland say:
“Our experience with Sean has been amazing! During the session he was very understanding and creative.

Sean was very professional and made us feel very comfortable in an exciting, but nonetheless awkward situation!

His prices are beyond reasonable considering all of the work he has put into it during, and post session.

We were thrilled with our experience and have some very beautiful (not to mention classy and erotic) pictures
to mark this wonderful time in our life!!!”

Jennifer D. says:
“At first I was very nervous but Sean helped me feel comfortable and relaxed. He even had ways to lighten the mood and make me laugh. He was very professional and I intend to go to Sean again some day.”

Natasha S. says:
“Great photographer!!! I was very pleased and comfortable during the shooting!!!
Thank you Sean!”

Brandy J. says:
“Very professional, great photographer who knows what he’s doing and what he’s talking about.”

Briana B. says:
“Fantastic photographer! Great eye, great attitude! Very professional as well as creative! Love all my pictures! Thank you Sean!”

Leighton W. says:
“Sean Stevens is a first rate photographer. From your initial meeting through the end of your shooting. He is patient and helpful, and has a wonderfully free and creative mind. Anyone looking for a photographer who ends up with Sean will undoubtedly be very pleased with the experience. Even post shoot he is very understanding and helpful of anything you may need regarding your session and images.”



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Sean M. Stevens is an award winning and internationally published photographer, and freelance writer, who now lives in San Antonio, Texas..   He grew up on the ocean in Nova Scotia, Canada and lived there until moving to the U.S.A with his family in 2001.  His photographs and writings have adorned the covers and appeared in many firefighter specific magazines, local newspapers, and some sailing related magazines.    He has also been involved in the IT industry for almost 20 yrs with certifications in Microsoft products, Trainer, ITIL Practitioner.