Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a model? The women on your site are so beautiful.

No, most of the ladies I photograph are NOT professional models. Every woman, no matter what her figure, can be photographed in such a way as to show off her natural beauty, and flatter HER figure. Things like bumps, rolls, stretch marks, etc will all be smoothed and refined during post processing. This is included with your shoot – so don’t worry about any imperfections you would normally feel self-conscious about – because they will not appear in the final image.

I don’t know how to pose…will that matter?

Although posing is an intregal part of producing outstanding results, it’s not hard to nail some standard poses if you know a few insider secrets.

1. It’s not a mystery: It’s C-S-I

– Looks through some fashion magazines. Notice that many of the best poses are when the models bodies form the shape of a C, and S, or an I

2. Hands! Hands! Hands!

-Relax your hands! Don’t put too much pressure by gripping too tightly. Just remember to have a gentle touch throughout the shoot.
-Try to keep your fingers together, and not too curled up. This will give a pleasant flowing look. Spread fingers distract your eyes to them in a photo.

3. Relax!

– Have a good time. My photoshoots are fun! If they weren’t I wouldn’t be doing photography. We’ll put you at ease and it will show in your photos :)

Some of the photographs on your site are a little too racy for my tastes. Do I have to bare so much skin?

Of course not. We tailor our sessions and wardrobe for each individual. We can suggest our ideas based on creative experience, but ultimately the decision is yours to bare as much or as little as YOU wish. Be assured, you will NEVER be asked to pose nude. All sessions are shot clothed. Some photographs may not appear that way, but rest assured the clients are wearing some form of clothing. We’d like you to be comfortable, because the more at ease you are, the more it will come across in the final photographs.

Do my photographs have to appear on your site?

No. It’s a shame we can’t show you the many, many examples of other clients we have photographed, but we respect your privacy. All photographs are confidential unless agreed upon by you. Your photographs are uploaded for preview and purchase to a password-protected online gallery.

What if my body doesn’t look as good?


No matter her age, shape, or size, every woman has curves. Between creative angles, choice of clothing, and some post-production in Photoshop we can make those curves work FOR you.

Can I bring an escort?

Yes. I prefer that you bring an escort. BUT, please be sure you will be comfortable posing in front of them. It’s YOUR session, and you want to be as ease so it will be reflected in the final portraits.

What should I wear?

First, we have plenty of sexy outfits in various sizes. But feel free to bring your own outfits and accessories, including earrings, necklaces, chokers, anklets, etc. I suggest looking at Victoria’s Secret for inspiration. For a sexier/racier look at good prices and fast shipping, I recommend http://www.FlirtCatalog.com I get many of my outfits from there.

Why are you so expensive?

Although it may appear expensive, each session is approximately 2-3 hours. Add to that the 5-10 hours spent in post-processing the photographs. When put altogether, hour by hour it is an affordable rate. And, the main thing you are paying for is the photographers eye and artistic skill gained over years of experience. Sean is an award-winning, and internationally published photographer with experience and knowledge gained over decades.